Brass Trays

Sub Categories:

  • The Brass Tray connects to the Palette/Panel Holder on either the left side or the right side of the palette mixing area.  All of the trays are 3/4 inch deep.  The brass arms on the underside of the tray will swing out and connect to the thumb nuts that are on the underside of the Palette/Panel Holder.  This tray connects in the same way manner as our Side Palette Extenion. 
  • This tray is handy for extra brushes, palette knives, tubes of paint, etc...
  • Please remember to order the tray that is specific to the size of the Palette/Panel Holder that it will be used on...


  • The 8X10 and 10X12 Brass Tray measures 14 X 3 X 3/4.


  • The 11X14 and 12X16 Brass Tray measures 16 1/8 X 3 X 3/4.